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my boyfriend when he shaves often turns red and his face feels as if it is on fire. His hair grows back very fast and by the end of the night he has in grown hairs, and redness and often pimple like bumps that he can pop.

Can you suggest what it is? And things we can do about it!


It's pseudofolliculitis. I used to have the same problem. Ever since I started shaving to be exact. I am 33 now. Not any more though! I feel like a new man. He should get off of the razor NOW. Tell him to never use a rasor again! I got one of those electric razors (Norelco is great) with the three spinning coils. He should know what I am talking about. Do not put anything with alcohol in it on his face. Start using Proactive solution or Acne Plus (Wal-Mart). The Acne Plus system is cheaper. Its about 20 for a 30-45 day supply. Use the system EVERYDAY and use the electric razor at night before bed. He will wake up like what hapopened overnight while I was asleep?! lol

This process cleared me up in about 30 days!!!! He will feel sooooo much better when he looks in the mirror. I know what he is feeling. He may not tell you, but he is insecure with the issue.

Oh, don't pluck the ingrowns anymore, just lift the hair out of the skin with a needle. He will love you if you can stand to do it for him while lays on your lap. Good luck!