I had a hysterectomy and suburethal orbutor bladder sling done in 2004. About 6 months after I developed chronic vaginal infections and subsequently the sling was found to have a small tear in it. My Dr. went in vaginally and removed what he could of the sling this way. He did tell me that the areas of the sling that were already implanted could not be removed without extensive surgery. I have continued to have foul smelling vag discharge and now an area has opened up in the periniem where they went in to do the laproscoy to secure the ends of the sling. My Dr. says I probably have a fistula at the laproscopic site and in the vagina. What can you tell me about this?? Do you have any pictures of how the sling is secured so I can have a better understanding before I see the reconstructive surgeon? Any assistance and education would be VERY helpful. Thanks.