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Sorry if this is the wrong place for this subject.

I got a tattoo on the back of my calf 6 and a half weeks ago. About 2 weeks ago I get occasional pains deep in the muscles directly under the tattoo.
Is this normal?
What's causing the pain?
(If this is a serious problem) Should I see my artist or a doctor about this?


Hey, look, if you were following a tattoo aftercare just like your tattoo master told you to, you should not be worried. Of course, I hope that you were doing a tattoo at some licensed place, that a licensed artist did it.

Anyway, the pain is normal, and it depends on the size and this shading thing done inside the tattoo determines the pain. Sometimes, this healing process can take longer than you expected, but in your case, if it is that is lasting for that long, you should visit your doctor, just to be sure that everything is OK. If your tattoo master is licensed, than you should contact him.