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Hello girls,

Any of you currently wearing slimming body shaper natural bamboo charcoal to tell me some reviews about it? I do have some body shapers, and I am really satisfied with it, but I have heard that this one is really amazing and that can hide all of your defect in short time :)

I love those that I am wearing now, but I need something different. So, can you tell me more about it? It is really so amazing as I have heard?

What is the main characteristic of it, is it something special or not?

If you know anything, inform me please.

Thank you! 


Good day all,

I have heard about this one as well, so I went to try it, to see is it really that great. But, I must say that it was just OK. It was too tight, and it really squeezed my legs and belly. It was not comfortable at all :/ I think that this one cut off my circulation :)

So, I found the better one for me. I don’t know, I really have heard so great reviews, but it was not for me. The good thing is that there is no zipper, and you can easily fit into it, but I couldn’t. OK, maybe I was too fat :)