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Hey girls.

I want to share my experience with you. I really thought that I would never be able to find a perfect slimming shapewear for me. But than my friend have told me that some Vixen model is made by a plastic surgeon, and she bought me that one for my birthday! I need to tell you that this thing is really, really awesome! You can wear it in any events, because it hides almost everything. Sometimes, when I appear somewhere, they tell me how beautiful I look and that I am skinny, and believe me, I am not.

Of course, I don’t wear it all the time, because I think that this is not healthy, but it is great.

Do you have some experience?

What is your best slimming shapewear? 


Good day,

I am so glad for your positive experience, my darling. I have heard about that one as well, but I did not have an idea that this one was so great. I don’t have any special that I would like to single out, because I have tried some of them, and trust me, I don’t know their original names :)

But, who knows, maybe I will try this one, because I have heard about it and now, you have told me all about it, and this is a great information for me.

Well, thank you so much!

Have a nice day!



I just wanted to give all my support to those girls who want to try some slimming shape wear for women, but for some reason, they are afraid!

I must say that I just adore that mine, that I am currently wearing. It is amazing, and I feel great.

So, girls, if you need one slimming shapewear and soon, you should try to find this Vixen model, and you will see what am I talking about :)

I am glad that you have one that you like and that fits to your body  perfectly :)

So, girls if you have any questions about it, let me know, and I will tell you as much as I can!

Enjoy your day!