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OK girls, I really need your help.

New Year party is on the way, I have found a perfect dress, it is still in the store, but when I wear it I look pretty silly in it. I have an extra pounds, and I don't think that I will be able to get rid of those pounds for a few days. I mean, I am trying, I am following a diet, but it is really a slow process. So, I need your help.

Any good slimming control body shapers to recommend? 

Which one can be good for me and my body, and where I can find it?


Hey there,

some of these questions you can find online. You can find what is the best shapers are at the moment at the market.

Even celebrities are wearing body shapers to look perfect.  

I know that for special occasion you can wear Rango Shapewear, and it is really classic foundation. For example, in United States this one is favorite for over 60 years now. Yes, it can make you look very perfect and charming. 

So, I suggest you - try to find it. I don't know where you can do that, but you can try to find it on the internet, if you don't have so much time.




Hey there.

I just love every single slimming control body shapers that I can find on our market. But, I just adore Vivian Strapless Bodyshort bodysuit shaper. It is so amazing, because it is very effective. You can wear it with almost anything!

It controls your hips, eliminates your belly, support your bust, and what is most important, it enhances natural curves.

It is a little bit expensive, but it has very great quality! You can order skin color or black color. I have the black one, but I would like to buy the other one.

It is a little bit more expensive, but trust me, it is great for that money.