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Hi, I just noticed a pea size lump/bump in the center of my 6 month old baby's chest almost under her diaphram. I know it's new - it wasn't there 2 days ago. Any idea what this may be? thank you.


I think that you maybe overreacting and as an every new mother you are too worried for your baby. I am aware about this because my sister has two babies and we have spent so many times in the emergency room because she was finding all sorts of things all the time. Mostly it wasn’t nothing but she was thinking it is better to be safe than sorry so I was accompanying her on those visits to the doctor.

If you want to be sure everything is fine visit your pediatrician and consult with him what is that all about.

Since it has been a while from you had posted this question maybe you could share with us what  was wrong or you were worried without good reason?