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hi all so here it goes, so last week (9 days ago exactly) i got drunk with friends and decided to smoke weed (not skunk) for the first time in 7 years. after the 8th toke i started feeling insanely out of it and could barely stand up. i had hardly eaten that day aswell. decided to leave and walk home. as i was walking home i had a panic attack and thought i was going to die. continued walking and the panic continued. got home and eventually wentt to sleep. woke up the next day feeling horrible and have done for nearly 2 weeks now. i havent really had a panic attack since then but went to the store and nearly had 1 but it passed within seconds. so im now left with lighthead, dizzy, headaches, stomach in knots. lack of motivation. havent properly slept but i am sleeping etc. have i damaged myself for good? i had a bad pill 8 years ago and freaked out and it reminds me of that. its alwasy the worst in the mornings. i feel so heavy and shorter than i am like im being pulled down. havent exactly been eating that great this week either. it was the worst today but its got better throughout the day. i know i shouldnt have dove in like that after a 7 year break but im worried if im ever gonna feel normal again. im also a cigarette smoker and everytime i have 1 it makes it worse. i mean it was just weed and beer. i used to get wasted 5 times that back in the day. whats happened?


can someone help me out here please!!