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Ive been smokeing weed for 2 years plus , ive hit a real low in my life [weed is the reason self inflicted ] i have smoked stupid amounts daily , i have been clean for 6 days now , i have had serious trouble sleeping and eating but the worst part is i have terrible anxiety , i went to the pub with my mates the other day i was looking over my shoulders scatting out , on edge shakey , i just wanted to get up and walk out , are these common symptons ??? Also does any one know time scales of symptons ?? I would imagine its down to how much you smoked , i used to smoke around a gram a night then 4 gs on a weekend , wake and bake . I feel alot better psyhically i have been running every night which has helpted my skin has cleared up i no longer look like a walking pale gormless zombie my main concern is my weight i have always been small but i feel im really skinny since i started weed , will o regain my weight .... any posts from peeps who has gone through the same or is like me and had enough of the sh*t , i feel so ashmed of myself i just want my old life back


Hi your old self will come back but it will take , i used to smoke it got me bad , now my head is slowly getting better , but i have damage done by the weed but i will have to come to terms  with it , so do your self a favour lay off it for good    :-|       :-)