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Smoking Synthetic Marajuana 'AKA' "spice" or "K2" will kill you! If you smoke K2 you will die no doubt about it. DO NOT SMOKE K2! 


Smoke c**p weed is not good. Smoke dank weed is mentally dangerous and addictive, i don´t recommend.

Smoking synthetic marijuana like K2 or spice is insanity or suicide. This sh*t is one of the most dangerous drugs in my opinion. An it´s legal. how can i believe in this society? Nobody know the long term effects of this and if pure THC is dangerous, is already known that synthetic stuff like this is 5 times stronger in CB1 receptor. THC affects CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 relgulates a lot of things in the body.

I red the man who accidentally discover this synthetic THC and he was warning people to don´t smoke this anyway because of what i said above. He said that nobody knows what it does to the brain (no good for sure).