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I want to share my story, about 6 months ago when I would get hi, I would get crazy thoughts so messed up I didn't know if my mind has being taken over, this would happen at least for a couple months not all the time though. So about 4 months ago I got hi when me and my wife were out of town, that same feeling came back, lasted about 1 hour then I was fine again. So that night we want out for drinks, we were staying at a friends condo, so when we came back that night I couldn't fall asleep cause my thoughts were that I was going to sleep walk at jump off the balcony... So next day after 1 hour of sleep we drove home, fine all day just tired, I decided I would never smoke weed again. (Still haven't). So around supper time those crazy thoughts came back and I was sober. Lasted about a week couldn't leave my house. So after seen doctors and tests nothing really showed up, my doctore didnt really help me, didnt want to take pills. Did a session of therapy, she says im fine, just need to get through it.

So now if I get crazy thoughts I'm use to it, learned some ways, but my anxiety has been bad, head feels like there is alot of pressure like a little ball, im allergic to everything, so i dont know if its allergies. Whew ever I go golfing or pllay baseball I get anxiety, feel like I might go crazy, so i always have ice to put on my head. So this has been going for about 4 months, during this struggle I had bachelor party in Vegas that I  barely drank. But still had a blast, I recently just got married in July which I had a panic attack at the church during the ceremony lasted about 5 mins. Thank god I have the best wife in the world who supports me and loves me, she has been  by my side through all this and also when I lost my best friend 2 years ago. I love my friends and family and my wife and I love life, so I don't know where these thoughts come from, also I am scared to drink alchol cause I feel like I might go crazy if I am drunk, or have a panic attack.  just need some of your thoughts, when this happen will say I was at 15% now I would say I'm about a 80%. Thank god for helping me, just want to be 100%


Thanks Alexander


Hey my bro! this panic attack happens to me 6 months ago! to be exact march 28, 2013 ! it was hell same as u are..

axiety disorder occurs a week after you got panic attack..

im not a doctor but I want you to stop taking med cuz it getting worse ! just for me.

Just face the fear and bear it in your mid thats an illusion(not true)!


now I feel great today !94% back to normal..!

just stay put! and relax.!


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so that we can advice u!