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I am 19 Years-old and Im not very bright... well just hooked on smoking cigarettes. I have been smoking for five years, and have had diabetes for ten. I keep my habit limited, but still, I need to get it out of my system now. I dont smoke during the day, which is a start only Ive been doing it for six months or so. I give in at night. Anyways, if I do quit now, I know Ill be healthy, but will this heavily affect me in the future and/or now? Could I heal from this damage? Ive always had great repore for my health nonetheless. My health is looked upon greatly in the eyes of all of my doctors. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


All I can say to you is stop smoking. NOW. Not tomorrow or the next day or next week. NOW. While you have not been smoking very long, you have never the less caused damage to your lungs. Yes, I said you have damaged your lungs.

If you stop immediately you can reverse some of the damage. Fortunately you are young and your body will cope well if you quite immediately.

I smoked for 45 years. It was, without question, the worst thing I could have done to my body. It affected my circulatory and cardiovascular system as well. Three years ago I had quadruple bypass surgery. That's what made me stop smoking. The change in my health was unbelievable, not just from the surgery but from quiting smoking. Things taste better and smell better except for cigarette smoke, which I can no longer stand to be around.

Do the best thing you can for your health. QUIT SMOKING NOW!!