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What are the side effects, I am in high school and have smoked a few backs, but am I likely to have cancer????
Thank you for your help


I assume you ment to type "smoked a few packs". Are you likely to have cancer from smoking a few packs of cigarettes? Answer: a resounding NO.

You are in high school and quite young. While you do not have cancer from smoking a few packs of cigarettes, it is a terrible idea to take up the habit of smoking. It is a vile and nasty habit that CAN lead to cancer down the road.

Stop now before you become hopelessly addicted to tobacco. Take it from me. I started when I was 16 and smoked until I was 55. I stopped when I had quadruple bypass surgery. Best thing I ever did for myself (quiting smoking).

Now, get out there and enjoy a smoke-free life!!