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Hello I am 18 and I have this problem..
Me and my girlfriend only have sex with a condom on.
During sex, my foreskin goes over the top of my penis, and I don't feel a thing afterwards, I have to masturbate to finish what I've started.. This is really frustrating.. Sometimes the foreskin causes trouble with the condom, causing it to lose it's place.. Any advice..? Thanks..


Yes, there are several options here.

A commercial site called will make custom made condoms to fit whatever dimensions you send them. They may cost a little more, but you can get what works for you.

Your complaint is that your foreskin returns to cover the glans or head, and you can't feel anything.

You could try adding a drop of lube to the glans before putting the condom on, and see if that improves the sensation.

But by buying a smaller, more snugg fitting condom, you might find that you can HOLD the foreskin back until either you withdraw and remove the condom, OR until you climax and begin to go flacid.

There may be some other ideas out there as well.

Good luck.

Let us know what you decide.