so, i think i cured myself (never thought id be saying this), i mean my case was pretty bad, couldnt fit a finger in the end, now while errect it goes over the head but, this is my question, once over the head it goes no further, when flacid it pulls right back so that the skin dissapears into the penis and looks cut, but errect it stops behind the head and wont pull back further. now it looks normal, does not look tight and the skin is sitting flush over the shaft, but does not pull back as far as when flacid.

i thought this maybe because when errect the frenelum (however you spell) stays the same size as it is when flacid therefore when hard it wont pull back as far, but after seing pics of other dudes, theirs pulls right back till they look like they have been cut. does this mean i need to do more stretching? or do some guys not pull back as far as others?

also, because i was always worried of getting is stuck there, i litterally didnt try pulling it over the head until yesterday, now i always exposed abit of the head which was very sensitive (mainly because its been under the skin all my life) this slowly went away however after fully retract the ring around the head of the penis is mega sensitive and slightly redder than the rest, im hoping this too will de-sensitise itself abit now i can expose it more?

incidenty anyone reading this thinking about getting cut, dont. let me tell you its taken me a year of stretching to get like this, using bethametazone which i bought online, anyone thinking of buying gfs forget it, it wont cure you. but if i can do this to myself ANYONE can im convinced