I am currrently suffering with a sore tongue for about 2-3 months. It feels sometimes like after you've had a hot drink, a bit numb, and taste is affected. I am getting red tiny dots at the front right which are a bit sore. Also a couple of darker dots next to this spot. I have pain under my right jaw where the glands are and if I press there it feels like it's connected with the tongue. I have neck pain on the right and it hurts more when I swallow and pain goes down to my collar bone; also pain behind the right ear which runs down the back of my neck into my right shoulder. Sometimes ( rarely though) I feel the pain has moved or is also being experienced in the left lower jaw. It feels sometimes like my teeth are hurting. I have been to my dentist and an oral surgeon for evaluation and he looked at my mouth through a scope which went through my nose and did teeth x rays and an MRI scan and says everything looks fine:This is his report: "No abnormality seen in the region of the right tonsil. Two small soft tissue nodules approx. 5mms in diameter are seen in the posterior wall of the nasopharynx. This may represent residual adenoidal tissue although other causes could not entirely be excluded. NO other abnormality seen in the pharynx. There is quite marked mucosal thickening in the ethmoid air cells consistent with sinusitis. There is moderate deviation of the nasal septum to the right. No evidence of cervical lymphadenopathy. no other significant abnormality has been demonstrated." I have in fact had sinus problems for many years but without these symptoms. It all started with sore throat on two sides, and a sore tongue, especially in the morning; it felt like the flu was trying to get me but it couldn't and I was taking paracetamol; one day I was outside and it was cold, then out of the blue the neck pain started on the right. It used to move to the back of the neck, then into the face and ear, near the eye, and at that time I was taking anti biotics which my dentist gave me, thinking I might have a tooth infection; it didn't help. The jaw settled, but I continued having problems with tongue and neck, and throat when I swallow and under jaw when I swallow, where glands are ( on one side only). Cold weather seems to affect all this, mainly throat and neck. Tongue remains continually sore and I have tried the thrush medication prescribed by doctor but it hasn't worked; also tried rinsing with salt water + bi-carb soda. Any help/comments would be appreciated.