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I have spinal stenosis .I found out about a year ago when my leg was numb I wentt to the doctor and they took and MRI .But now I cant work because the pain has become so severe.So the doctor prescrbes pain meds for me .He said I need and epidural shot but I have no insurance so I am trying to get some help. But they said it will take about 2 months to see if they will help me.Meanwhile I am in constant pain unless I sit or lay down a certain way. By the way I am 52 years old and have had back pain for yrs but now I can barely do anything .The doctor seems like he doesnt want to hear me anymore . I just dont know what do do anymore.It is making me so depressed to have to live like this. Anyone know what I can do. I tried to get medicaid and they refused me??


I had back surgery 5 yrs ago and still have pain. C3 to C5 are fused. I have pain down my legs also. I see a pain mgmt doctor once a month. Have you applied for SSD? If they turn you down (they domost people the first time), try again or get a lawyer to help asap after recieving the letter. No cost to you. They get paid out of the money SSD pays you. They will go back one year from your filing to give you a sump sum check. I stated I could not work because of the pain (standing in one place, walking too much or sitting too long) and the pain medications made me too sleepy to hold down a job also. After two years on SSD you will get Medicare. That will cover the pain block shots. I had them two times. They did not work for me, but I know others that have got a lot of relief from them. One friend got a unit inplanted for his back pain (like a tens unit) and his pain is all but gone. As long as he does not over do it. I can't have that done for now. I hope this has helped. Good luck!

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