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So, i've had these stabbing chest pains all my life. Usually only lasts about five, ten minutes tops. Usually months apart sometimes its more common then other times. I guess it randomly accrues. About a month ago just recently moving to a new province i felt this pain. It lasted two hours. After the first half hour my friends convinced me to go to the Hospital. It hurt to move, breath, laugh, talk loudly, basically anything that involved effort. They did heart tracing, Heart monitor & x rays, sent me home with t3's told me it was growing pains. Since then they've happened a lot more, in short amounts. I went to my GP about getting tested for Thyroids as it runs in the family, i explained my hospital visit and how ever since i've been having horrible migraines along with chest pains. Told him that the t3's didn`t help with either. Since the hospital visit, i've lost appetite and i've been sleeping crazy hours, usually up all night and sleep all day. Im 19 f, history of smoking. As well as occasional joints. As of current there is a faint pain in my heart area.My doctor explained that the t3s wont work because it was inflammation of the heart. I went home and looked up this and found Myocarditis and Endocarditis which are both heart diseases that fit my symptoms. But wouldn`t they be able to tell with the xrays and blood work? Basically Im so tired of blood tests that result in nothing. Help? If anyone knows or has a suggestion as to what has been wrong, much appreciated.


I am 23 and have high cholesterol. I get these pains quite often and have never been to the doctor about them. I found a website that says it's called PCS which occurs when air and blood aren't gettin to the heart the way they should.
They say although it hurts, you should continue to inhald and exhale deeply or move around afair bit to get the heart pumping normally again.


Me and my best friend experience this also. Out of no where, we get intense sharp stabbing pains in our heart. I don't know what it's from. It's not from exercise because it usually occurs when we are relaxed. It happens very randomly and only for a few minutes. It almost feels like being stabbed repeatedly. Please answer on what this could possibly mean D:


on some days, even though my mom says it might be heartburn, i didnt eat anything to get it, i would try to move or bend, it felt like a stabbing pain that wouldnt let me move. It happens during school too, now im worried about more, since that next semester i have gym, and its been lasting longer each time so im kinda scared! and im only 14, i dont know what to do, yeah there history of heart probs in the family, but this is a bit different. also i hate it when people scare me, because it makes it worse, i'd like to go to a doc, but i dont know if im being to over cautious here. so i'd like some advise or something plzz!! o.O the pain hurts though, when you move it shocks you like a shock collar, so id have to sit and wait until the pains gone. o.O o.O


I've been having this pain all day. Well actually, it happened few times, but it was enough for me to get on my nerves :-P
anwz, i searched and found the answer on this website, so here's the answer:


Hello Everyone ,
I have had dealings with this recently and decided to give some professional advice . 
What Everyone Seems To Be Experiencing Is A Mild Panic Attack.
In this state it becomes hard to breathe for a couple seconds then fear sets into place.
it's critical you calm yourself down and assure yourself , it was fine , further worrying could
lead to a more serious affect .
Note : When the heart begins to beat to fast , your Left arms will start to become Numb
If this happens immediately call 911 because this is the second sign of 3 to a heart attack
My advice is that you not think about anything depressing (such as death thoughts) at all or this pain in
chest will continue to hurt . 
I Have been in the medical field for almost 13 years now.
Please my advice into consideration.
Thanks , 
Brandon Hudson | MD/MBA



Guest wrote:

ive recently had chest pains through my heart and left arm... im only 19 yrs old so i asked my mother is if was to young for a stroke and she said no... but she figured it was only a gas pocket in my back makin my left side hurt this way.. i dont know wether or not to go to the hospital or see if it gets better all alone..

Hi I'm currently a medical student, so I thought I may be able to help you with your problem. If your getting pain over your chest and your arm then there is a problem with your heart. It is not a gas pocket or a stroke. You see the bodies organs have a weird nerve supply. Whenever an organ hurts, instead of feeling it in the organ you feel it on a part of your skin (called a dermatome). This is because your body confuses the organ's "pain" nerves with the skin's "pain" nerves simply because the skin's nerves are used more. For the heart the dermatome (i.e. the part of skin that feels the pain) is the left part of the chest along with the arm. It is usually an aching or stabbing pain.

If there is burning pain in the centre of your chest it is not from the heart, but it would mean you have some sort of problems with your stomach. Usually its caused by an ulcer in the stomach (which itself is caused by a type of bacteria called H.pylori or by over using aspirins and paracetomols).

My best advice would be to ALWAYS SEE YOUR DOCTOR if you think somethings wrong. Most doctors don't mind if you come in with a worry and are happy to tell you that you will be fine. They'd rather give good news than bad. However if they seem annoyed that you came in, then they have no place to feel like that at all, because at the end of the day it is your life. Who cares what they think, because it is their job to see you no matter what. Don't worry about that though, because as long as they say your fine you can be HAPPPPPYYYYYY :) and if they say "we're glad you came in because their is a problem, but not to worry because we have treatment that can fix it" you can take the treatment get better and then be HAPPPPYYYYY :)

Hope this helps





im only 11yrs old and i have been getting chest pain:(sometimes it hurts so bad that i cant talk or move.i am getting them now as i type.i only talked about it with my mom she said ill be fine but i wasnt....once it hurt so bad it spread to my rib cage area,i woke up all dizzy and right when i got up i fell to the ground.i felt sick but i wasnt.i used to able to run miles and miles befor i get tierd but i cant its 3 miles and thats it:(i cant even be on my school track team cauze of hurts so bad i start crying for like 10minutes even after the pain is gone......



Im 13 and this started when i was around 11 or 12. I always thought i had anxiety but no one believed me and my mom said I was just making up stories, it pissed me off. But I dont know what to do or what it is but I cant breathe or walk sometimes and it gets annoying.


I have these chest pains too. I really want to know what they are, but I have yet to go to the doctors. I guess I'm too scared to go in case it's something serious. Also, I have not told any of my family/friends/teachers about these pains. I am 15 years old and undergoing a third year of GCSEs. I don't know if it's down to stress or something more serious. What should I do?


Hello everyone,

I had pains over my heart and did a little research on it.  I read everyone's posts on here and continued with my research.  I think I was able to find what a lot of you are describing.  It is called "Precordial Catch Syndrome" and you can  ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** web addresses not allowed***

Basically doctors don't know what really causes it, but say "it poses no danger."  So for all of you that are a little frustrated with going to doctors with no answers, maybe this is the reason.  Being in healthcare myself, I find that it is better to do your own research before going to the doctor so then you can pose different possibilities or request to be referred to a specialist if they are unfamiliar with a particular condition.  Everyone breathe easy... you are not going to die :)  But please be familiar with the other warning signs as well as something more serious could be wrong (although I think many of you are suffering with PCS). 

Hope this helps!



I see that I am likely the older one her.

However I have irregular heart plaps,pain,& think I hold the record for hospital stays and E room visits.

They now refuse to see me.

I get regular beats,then BAM,a PVC with a stabbing pain.

This may last a few minutes to several days.

In the ER the warning beeps were going crazy.

I did have 2 chemical stress test and 2 radiation/rotational test.

All OK

I broke down and went for a heart cath both left and right side.

100% painless and just sedated and I saw how clear my arteries were.

No stent needed.

This was 1 year ago

They went away.

I felt good not I live in hell again.

I get them,break out in a sweat,but keep on walking,talking,carrying 35 pound back pack and going up 4 flights of steps.

Halter monitor says way to many pvc and pac along with just palpitations but all test are OK.

Bottom line is the serious problem is it affects your life

The more you get them the more you think about then.

If you had all the test I did then just look it in the eye and ignore it.

When I was sedated I felt like a new born person.

Having a nice G/F here talks me into not thinking about it.

You young kits please don't let it take your life away and be home bound.

It makes you depressed,sad about yourself,you shy away from going out with friends.

eat tiny meals and stay away from drugs and booze.

We all have an expiration date on our life.

We can sit home and die worrying or enjoy life and die on the dance floor.

I will just say this.

Demand all the test that I had.

If nothing shows then dance your life away.


Well i get heart pains all the time and when i get them when i take a breath it really aches or feels like a stabbing pain. After a year of this the and constant hospital and doctor appointments i was diagnosed with a heart mermor and at times it can be really painful aswell a common sign of heart pain is stress :) or over activity :-)


Hi everyboy I'm 20 years old and i do have some answers for you. i will probably have some grammar errors because english is not my first language. but anyway what is happening with you and me it does have to do with the heart, but dont worry is nothing bad. 30 million of people in the world suffer of this. the reason you feel the stabbing pain is because everytime our heart palpitates it does it twice. and everytime it does it pumps blood, but this is why you feel the stabbing pain. Sometimes when the heart pump the first time it comes without blood so that makes the second pump comes with twice the power so it hurts and makes you feel like somebody stabbed you with a knife I bet these sounds familiar. now the reason you feel it in different times is, because the way your blood circulates. Sometimes you can feel it several times in a hour or just on time a day or even 1 time in a week or a month. now the good news is that you are not going to DIE but you are probably still going to feel this pain. If you can breath right that is just anxciety maaking you belive that you are actually having a heart attack but dont worry. trust me all of you are feeling these and none of you have die so dont worry. Im not sure if there is a cure for these because is you blood going troughn your heart. Pray to Jesus because he is the only one who can help you he is your savior and father. The bible says to ask God and he will give you whatever you want. I hope these help and again I'm sorry for my grammar and spelling Lol.



8-| I have been having a stabbin pain in heart area it last for short spurts then completely dissappears. My mom told me to go to emergency _ I dont have no insurance. Also, I can just be sitting or relaxing when it happens all of a sudden.