Electric shock during MRI. My experience was a bit different. I felt like someone was drilling a hole with electrical zap in my cheek bone - it was scary. I was thinking to myself, could I be wrong are fillings a problem. I told the tech and she mentioned the shock with the fingers, but had never heard of this. That was 7/26, tonight 7/29 the molar right below that fell apart. One forth of my tooth behind a filling simply came out. I do have a fracture in a tooth, but that is on the bottom in my jaw bone, same side so I am very careful - I chew on the other side. I felt something sticking out tonight and knew something was wrong and I got a piece of floss in hopes it was a piece of course cracked pepper between the teeth. When I pulled down something - my tooth - came flying out hit the mirror and went flying. It is broken down to the gum line. No pain, No sensitivity, but the filling is razor sharp. I don't believe in coincidences. Made an emergency call to my dentist and I will be contacting a lawyer on Monday. The cracked tooth below is from Grape Nuts - nothing spontaneous a year ago and is not a problem yet. Fillings are from the 1960s. I have to wonder about their content though because the dentist suddenly started finding "cavities", but I think he was creating billable work because shortly after he ruined my teeth he committed suicide. The reason I mention that is that now I wonder if he put something else in the amalgam mix for the filling that might have reacted to the MRI. I am wondering if there is something that could be mixed in that would set properly but be a problem in an MRI?