As many other said I'm also so happy to know that I'm not the only person with this problem. I also agree whit what was here said earlier, can't we all work at the same company, we could compete whose stomach is the loudest;)? I have noticed this problem some six months ago. I got a job and very often it requires me sitting down with my manager or attending meetings. Mornings are normally ok (or not as bad) but it always starts after lunch. As many pointed out it is very embarrassing. Sometimes I thought it's stress related and it is true that the more I concentrate on it the louder it gets but it doesn't stop when I'm alone at home. It is true that I was rather stressed since I started the job and seem to have developed the problem over this period of time. (Although, I remember having some stomach noises even before, and I skipped a couple of lectures because of that but I have never paid too much attention to it). I don't think it is stomach, it seems more like the digestive tract. Sometimes it's just the noise that comes from nowhere, but then at other times my stomach or the digestive tract hurts (this, however, happens only at work - my theory is because I worry about the noises while in the quiet office or meeting room it harms the whole system even more).

I got some drops from doctor which helped (don't know the name anymore), but it came back straight after I stopped using them. Then I was advised to use espumisan, it also seemed to help for some time but now my stomach talks regardless of it. I never thought about my diet, as some said I also consume quite a bit of suggar. Also I've noticed sitting in the office some hours after lunch when I start getting hungry I start having a different type of noise and feeling, it's as if I was going to have diarrhoea. Basically my theory is I destroyed my degestive system due to the stress and now it doesn't function properly in general.

Also no body mentioned that but ever since this problem my stool has changed as well. Before I would go to the toilet reguralry have a completely normal stool and feel that I got emptied. Since the talking started I go between being constipated to having a rather diarrhoea like stool.

Any ideas to what I should/could do are very welcome. Although, I'm also very happy to be able to share the problem with all of you who understand how badly it affects social and working life.