I have been having spasms in my upper abdomen...they seem more distressing if i lay on my left side...they come and go also...i have been to the ER and have had all heart tests done as i ihad an MI 3 years ago(im 62 male)....heart has been ruled out....it seemed to start this past week after my workout that evening it rolled and spasmed so much i couldnt sleep today helped son change his oil and got very warm and that seemed to set them off again actually got light headed and felt very weak ...It has been extremely warm here in upstate ny ....the only relief i seem to be able to get is when i have some beer in the evening...i have had these once before but they havnt lasted this long any ideas??? i have also had pancreas test done so it isnt that either.... any help would be GREATLY appeciated...also my appetite is off and feel worse after eating.... thanks again