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Tuesday morning, I woke up with a rash on my thighs, arms and hands. They didn't itch at the time so I didn't worry about them. Later that day, I went out for a walk with a friend without sunscreen and got a sunburn on the rashes. I still have the rashes after 3 days. The rashes disappear when I cover them with clothes. How can I get rid of the rashes and itchiness?



Do you know what caused the rash? When you say the rash disappears when you cover them with clothes, do you mean that the rash only appears when your skin is exposed to the sun?

Aveeno anti-itch is pretty good if you can find it. If the sunburn has gone you can also use benadryl. It is not recommended to use with a sunburn though.

You can also ask your pharmacist.

If the rash continues you should see your doctor.

Hope that helps.