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I am 46 years old. I am a SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) patient since last 13 years.Before last four months,
I never had more than two SVT attacks in a year. Then four months earlier, I got pulse missing problems. The doctor
 told me it's PVC. And there is nothing to worry. But then I have to face an increase in SVT attacks and now I get
5-25 SVT attacks per day which lasts from 2-3 minutes to long duration. And after every 3-4 days, they won't stop
without the injection (isoptin). I have been using Calan 40-mg and now I am using Calan SR 120-mg, Ascard 75-mg and
 Vitamin-E daily for last three months.
Report result:
Conclusion-Stress test is Positive for exercise induced ECG changes. No clinical angina provoked during exercise.
Adequate hemodynamic response. Average effort tolerance.
thallium test:
Conclusion- Exercise myocardial SPECT stury at 47% predicted HR and 7.2 METS is positive for medium sized inducible
ischemia of mild severity involvin inferior wall.
Now I want to know what is my best option considering my situation.
If you think my reports will help, I can scan them too.


Has your doctor mentioned anything about a possible blockage of an artery? It could also be due to a spasm.

Ischemia means that the inferior wall of your heart is being starved of oxygen. Calan helps by relaxing the blood vessels, to allow for greater blood flow. Ascard, aspirin, can help reduce clotting.

Your doctor is your best resource. Ask him/her what they recommend. I would also suggest you get a 2nd and possibly a 3rd opinion.

Hope it helps. Keep us posted.


Thanks. My doctor told me all this. But the problem is, he left the country few days ago so am relying on other sources. I want to ask if catheter ablation is the best option? Or should I keep using medicines? Honestly, they aren't helping much! Am having more and more attacks each day. So am in kinda hurry.


Catheter ablation is a good option for resolving SVT's. My concern would be the ischemia. Does your doctor feel that that is under control or not enough of a concern to warrant further investigation/surgery?

Possibly a coronary bypass or stent would be needed, to improve coronary circulation.

Is your doctor the surgeon? You really need to discuss this with them and I would definitely get another opinion.

Keep me posted, good luck.


Thanks a lot! Which one is more safe and reassuring though? Catheter ablation? or Coronary bypass?