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I woke up one day and the entire sole of my left foot and part of my right foot was swollen making it extremely difficult to walk.The next day it was the right foot that was completely swollen and part of the left foot. As the days went by the parts of the body with symptoms alternated. After my feet, it was my hands and feet, or my fingers and at one point my upper lip. All of these instances were accompanied by itching. I went to my doctor and she said he only thing she could think of was allergies. I've alternated my diet multiple times and the symptoms remain. I have no idea as to what is going on, I have occasional nausea but I have doubts that this is relevant. Now it is not only my feet and hands but on my arms or back. 


I also have this problem. The itching happens usually about half an hour after I eat certain foods: salmon, chocolate, white wine, cashews or cream cheese. These foods don't seem to have much in common. Some of the foods, like salmon, cause bright red patches on my feet,  and cream cheese combined with wine results in swelling in my hands and feet. I cannot find any other explanation even though my dermatologist has tried to make me believe that I have athlete's foot. How would athlete's foot explain the swelling? And why do the symptoms appear after I eat certain foods and get better if I take allergy medicine, like Claratin or Benedryl? So I have convinced myself that if I don't want to suffer, I have to avoid eating certain foods, particularly chocolate, which I love.