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hi, i am a 40 yr old 125lb 5'7" female. over the last year this has slowly started coming on to where over the last 6 months it has progressed very quickly.... now, i can eat NO sodium without extreme swelling in my eyes, hands and lower legs/ankles/feet... i have gone to several specialists and they have ran all their tests and they have no clue.... i hope someone has some advice or something, becuz i can barely eat a thing anymore that doesn't affect me.  



Hello there

I am not sure that I understand you well. Are you allergic to sodium or what? Every time when you consume it you get symptoms like swollen eyes, hands and feet? And the doctors have told you that they don’t know what you should do. It is hard to believe in that but maybe they really don’t know what more to do. Have you tried some diet without sodium? Nowadays you can read label on every product and lowering sodium intake is beneficial for everyone’s health.

There are also foods stores with healthy food in which you can find some groceries without sodium. if you are sure that this is causing your symptoms and the doctor’s didn’t tell you what to do I think it would be wise to change your diet and maybe this will get some results.