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i was sick about 2 months ago or maybe longer ever since ive noticed lump under my jaw bone which feels like swollen gland, it hurts once and a while but only for a second ive also notced mild pain in my ear once and a while and very mild headaches, someone please help me!! could this be linked to the nosespray i was using while sick? i'm also getting treated for a POSSIBLE cancerous lump in my testicles, doctor said most likly not cancerous though, could be linked to that? :-(



First of all these two conditions are probably not related but then again human body is very complex and all sort of things are possible so you could see with your doctor what does he thing about this, after all he is a medical expert and he should give you all the answers to your questions and concerns.

I had problems with swelling of the Parotid gland last year.

This gland is responsible for most of the saliva produced in our body and the swelling of this gland can be very painful and uncomfortable.

Swelling of this gland means that some kind of infection is happening and causes of that infection are various. The cause can be a tumor as well but that tumor had to be located near the jaw area. So you maybe have the same condition as I had and the best is to tell about this to your doctor.