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It has been 3 weeks + since my S lift, huge swelling under my ears. 2 antibiotic runs along with a diuretic. My Dr. drained the nodes once, about 10 days ago. The swelling is increasing since going off the antibiotics.
What is wrong, I feel extremely bad, no energy and constant pressure from lymph nodes is dehabilitating.

I fly home Apr 23, do I need to be concerned about altitude etc with the swelling?

Barbara Spicer


It sounds like perhaps the antibiotics didn't quite do the job. Did your doctor finally prescribe something different? You've probably flown already. How did that go? My only concern there would have been any ear infection that was already present. Please let me know what has happened since your post as well as how you are doing now. I hope that things have calmed down for you so that you can enjoy the benefits of your surgery.