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could gall bladder cause the systems above as i am worried about him.he has a breathing problems.


Hello there

Many people suffer from silent gallstones and this is happening because most of us don’t recognize the gallbladder symptoms. Sometimes the more noticeable symptoms can be misdiagnosed for some other gastrointestinal disease.

One of the first signs of gallbladder attack is chest pain on the right side of the body. This can result in vomiting and nausea and it can be really painful to touch gallbladder area.  

Also back pain is associated with gallbladder attack and this is connected with the food we eat. Always keep in mind that all junk and fatty food you eat your body must digest.

Is your friend woman or man? Woman are more prone to the gallbladder attach and in men this condition is often misdiagnosed. Anyhow it would be best to visit the doctor if you are suspecting that your friend has symptoms of gallbladder attack.