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Two weeks ago I had tailors bunion surgery on my right foot. I have been in a post op walking boot and have not been able to put on a tennis shoe (although the doctor suggested I should try to this week). My foot turns purple and swells for no reason. I am barerly moving around my house. My pinky toe also does not bend and it looks like it is glued to my fourth toe. Is the purple foot normal? I am normally very active and thought this would only take 2-3 weeks to heal. Could you please recommend bunionette pain relief? Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.



It seems to me that you are in a lot of trouble still. It has passed some time from the surgery and you should’ve been better by now but your recovery is going really slow. What did your doctor say about this? When did he told you that you need to see him for checkup? The changes in the color of your foot is normal but it should pass after some time. I am not sure how long will this continue but if you are in pain you have to talk to your doctor about this. Are you using any medication right now? I hope that this helped in any way.


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