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i started drinking when i was 13 .. alot of people think thats a bad thing but i dont see whats so bad about having a good time .. how old were you when you started drinking

im almost 16 now and drink when ever i get a chance to .. dosnt matter what ... beer .. vokda .. mixerss...


I was 14 and I'm a girl. I drank mostly at weekends but working days too during winter and summer breaks. It was always about fun.

However, you should know your limits and don't let alcohol get you. The more you drink, the easier you get addicted.

I was drinking a lot since the age of 14 until 26, then I got more serious and got interested in things other than drinking and just having fun.

You have a long way to go and my best years were from 16 to 19. Enjoy them but know your limits and don't do anything stupid. If you know that alcohol makes you too crazy or do silly things rather than just make you have a good fun, then you should certainly avoid it.