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Recently I have noticed that my parotid gland is very swollen and painful.
First I even didn’t know that parotid gland is involved because I thought it was some carious tooth, but my mother notice that this is not connected whit my toots but with my parotid gland.
I am 23 years old and I have never had similar problems with my parotid gland.
I was wondering what could cause this and can it be something serious?
Should I contact my GP for this or it can be something self treated?


Swelling of parotid gland usually is cause with some benign condition like inflammation of parotid tissue, called parotitis.
This can be bacterial or viral inflammation and it is easy treated with local antibiotics.
But cause of swelling can be also blockade of saliva duct. It can be blocked with stone.
This is much more serious cause and it can be only surgically solved.
And the third possible cause can be Sjogren’s syndrome. This is syndrome where person has problems with lack of saliva and tears. It can be treated with several medicaments.
So you can really know the cause, before you contact your doctor and find out real cause. Good luck!