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Good day all,

My brother is just crazy :) He is pretty handsome, and I am not saying this because he is my brother, but he really is. Girls are literally crazy for him :) But, during the winter, he gained some kilograms, not too much, but he is really unhappy with that fact. I believe that the gained above 5 to 6 kilograms. He wants to lose them, so he started Cereal diet program.

It is ok, he is happy with it, but, he has some issues about it.

So, I am asking you, how many meals during the day you can have while you are on Cereal diet program?



Good day to you too,

You need to understand him, because he was good looking before the winter, and trust me, I believe that guys are more sensitive if they have some extra pounds than us, ladies. So, understand him :)

Now, about your question, he can eat three meals and two snacks, but easy snacks! Some light meals, breakfast, dinner, lunch, and that is ok. A lot of vegetables, fruit, some meat, and if he is going into the gym, he will lose those kilograms very soon. I believe that he really wants that.

Wish him good luck.

Have a nice day! 



Hello folks, what’s up?

So, the basic of every diet program and every healthy lifestyle on the beginning of day is breakfast. So, make sure that he eats very healthy breakfast, full of proteins and vitamins, and cereal of course. That is the base. After that, he needs to grab some snack, such as fruit or something light. Lunch must have some meat and vegetables. You can also snack a few hours after that, than dinner, he can eat cereals of course. That is it.

He will lose his weight. He will be again handsome, like always :)

Wish him good luck!