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So I'm now 20 and over the last 3-4 years I have noticed my Frenulum getting a bit weaker. Most noticably when I was 17 in the shower I noticed part of the skin that used to be the frenulum had torn off and was now just hanging on the inside of my foreskin. I lost my virginity at 16 and sex was fine until last year when it started feeling painful initially when having sex due to the tension on the weak frenulum from the foreskin being pulled back. However after a break from sex this pain subsided and I no longer get it from just rolling the foreskin back normally.

However due to the thin weak nature of the frenulum it's quite painful when the foreskin is pulled back further than it should be. I've sometimes just expected it to break when my now ex-girlfriend got a bit excited during foreplay, however it remains just pretty weak.

I always thought it would just regrow however it seems to just be staying weak and thin, is there any advice that can help it grow back to full strength?


try and seek help from a doctor