Hi there,


I want to start by saying that I am uncircumcised. When my penis is flaccid I can pull the foreskin all the way back behind the glans, but when it is erect I can't do that freely and smoothly, instead I have to really pull down as it doesn't retract naturally when erect. When fully erect my foreskin still completely covers the glans. My foreskin feels tight when I try to pull it down when erect, and when I do manage to fully expose the glans the foreskin just builds up and sit right below it, similar to this photo (this isn't my penis, just a photo I googled) http://circumcisiondiary.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/week-7/week-7-soft-top-view/ And then it becomes difficult to roll back up again.


Now, one week ago my partner and I were having sex and my foreskin was pulled back too far and too forcefully and I felt my frenulum snap and then there was lots of blood, but no pain whatsoever.

Since then it has healed a bit but it is looking as though the frenulum is thinner and shorter than before. I'm not sure if it will become thicker and longer over time or not, but I really hope it will.


I was wondering if it's because my frenulum is too short that it snapped or because my foreskin is so tight? Or both?

Is there any way that I can fix my problem so that my foreskin can retract all the way back naturally when erect like a normal penis should, without having surgery?