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Basically I've got this spot thingy, its red on top, I only feel pain when i touch it or if I wear something tight, this morning i tried to pop it, it kind of did pop but still viewable but not as big as it was, its more flat now, however before it was more of a spot. its on my right testicle, at the top near my penis. I dont know anything, is this dangerous or not???

thanks for your time


Hello there I am writing to you because this post is interesting for me. Actually I have a same problem called testicle spot and I would like to know how to resolve it as soon as possible. I had  sex with many different girls even though I had a girlfriend but she was in Japan for two months, and I would like to resolve it before I saw her again. I think that everybody with these problems should see a doctor and test his blood in order to find some solution because sexually transmitted diseases are not naive at all.