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One day I woke up to find a red spot on the penis, keep in mind I am not that sexually active I am still a virgin. I do masturbate daily but haven't since the spot showed upThe doctor is closed for the holiday so this is what information I could possibly get until i set an appointment

Well the second day two small white things popped up on the red spot and i picked at them and pulled them out because i was freaked out. (I did have poor hygiene before this)Well now it scabs and the scab easily comes off, but not its a bit larger in size before, what could this be? I am uncircumcised and its right before my urethra, also around my urethra its a bit reddish and i notice 3 small red dots under the head of my penis when I pull the skin back.


its on top of the skin,not on the head itself the red spot and also its the size of half a pinky nail