Hi There, I have hashimotos hypothyroidism since 2013, I take eltroxin daily and go for a thyroid sonar once a year. I went for an ultrasound yesterday and my report stated that my thyroid features consistent with hashimotos thyroiditis. but what really freaked me out was these 2 comments:

1. Prominent lymph nodes seen within the right cervical chain with the largest on the right measuring 4.9mm in its short axis and on the left 3.4mm in its short axis.

2. a small cystic focus noted in the medial and anterior aspect of the right lobe.

what does this mean? should I be concerned? 

I was sick with a bad flu about 4 weeks ago, had high fever and ended up on antibiotics. Could the lymph nodes still be swollen from that? or can the lymph nodes be swollen due to autoimmune disease? 

Im a 30 year old female, i have alopecia areata as well since i was diagnosed with hashimotos. My immune system seems to be very weak, I constantly get flus,colds and tummy bugs and i suffer badly from allergies/sinuses.