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Hey friends.


My sister adopted a four year old dog. He is really cute, she is sending me his pictures all the time :) He is really cute.

She took him to the vet immediately after she adopted him, because I told her to do this.

I mean, he was in the shelter, and I know that pets from the shelter can caught some bad diseases.

So, she went to see the vet.

Everything is fine with her new pet, except one thing – he has swollen lymph nodes.

I was wondering, what are the risks of swollen lymph nodes in dogs?




Yes, dogs from shelter can be really infected and sick as well. I am really sorry about this dog, but I am sure that your sister will know how to take a good care of this dog.


First, to determine what is going on exactly, vet should do the tests.

Vet may suggest certain tests to help confirm or maybe dismiss diagnosis, and to help assess the treatment options.


But, the worst risk of swollen lymph nodes is possible cancer.

Certain breeds have a higher risk of developing this disease.

I really hope that everything is going to be ok with her dog :(




Hey friends and dear pet lovers.

Well, this is the stage when you need to react – urgent.

Tnx God, I didn’t have any issues with this with my dog, and I hope that I won’t have it as well.

I know that this situation can be really serious, because my ex – boyfriend lost his dog due the swollen lymph nodes.

He wanted to have a dog, but he let his grandmother to take care of him. Of course, she didn’t know how to do this, and she couldn’t notice that this dog is sick. He got the tumor and he died. I don’t want to scare you, but you need to visit the vet.



Hello. There are some causes that can lead to swollen lymph nodes in dogs. The most important trigger is an infection of organism. Actually, with cancer this is the biggest risk. That is why you need to identify problem immediately. As soon as you notice that something is going on with your dog, visit the vet. The worst thing that can happen to your dog is cancer. Cancer can have 6 or 7 stages. If you wait, the risk of developing cancer increases. If your dog’s immune system is weak, the risk factor is bigger and your dog can develop lymphoma.