Beanie, I hope i am not too late to give you my experience with this. I had a total colectomy at the age of 31. I had a major blockage that almost killed me and ended up with a colostomy bag for three months till they figured out what was wrong . I also was diagnosed with colonic inertia and let me tell you, I have never regreted the surgery. Now, that doesnt mean it is a cure all. I really watch the amounts of food that i eat. Even a month after my surgery i didnt eat bananas or rice cause it would back me up and i was terrified. Three years after my surgery i ended up with a small bowel obstruction from scar tissue. Three years and a month to be exact. They removed it and everything so far is fine. They say if you are gonna have problems, it will be within the first 3 years, so, just be very aware of your body. Do not let anyone tell you its nothing because it almost cost me my life. Its a funny thing the digestive tract. A year or so ago, my small bowels have slowed down tremendously. I dont like to complain to my Dr because the first words out of his mouth is colostomy bag. Now, if it comes to it where i live or die, i will definatly have to go to one. I have found that if i drink plum juice (less harsh than prune) and keep my food intake low, i do ok. I am always worried about medications that tend to slow up the bowels but life is good. I was so young when all this started. I always had slow bowels and 3 weeks before my blockage i went to my primary care Dr and basicly she told me that i need to see a shrink cause i was depressed. I was like i am not depressed. Tired and run down and not having bowel movements but not depressed. Ever since then i try to be the best advocate for my self because only i know when something is wrong. Good luck in all that happens. To tell you the truth, before i had the surgery i was around 165 lbs and now i am around 130 and holding that wait for the last 5 years. I have so much more energy now and dont feel so sluggish. Life s wonderful.