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i have been getting pimples in between my legs for years now. its not a condition, just very big pores that made very big scars. they are very ugly and i need a way to get rid of them. yes im overweight and the inner thighs are the hardest to get rid of. ive used aveeno body wash and lotion and that had helped a little. the scars had actually changed my skin tone there from white to purple the scars are so bad. and they have stopped coming in, not sure why. but i did use scrubs like aveeno, st ives and others there to keep the pores clean and that seems to have worked in keeping them away. but i still need to get rid of the scarring. ive been dealing with this for 13 years now. and i need a solution. any help and advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks.


Hello AAC... I am not sure how much you want to spend on treatment, but if you go to a dermatologist, you will probably get the best results for your scarring.  They offer dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, and chemical peel to help bring new skin to the surface.  You can spend a little less by trying Strivectin for your scarring or a prescription for a doctor for medication to help with it.  I wish you the best in finding the best treatment for your scars. 

Does anyone else have any advice for removing scars?  What is the best treatment or product for reducing scars?