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Hello, I am happy to see so many people say thatvit is possible. ..i had essure placed in my tubes after i had my 3rd child....they were causing me problems so i had to get my tubes removed...i wanted to go to a doctor in atlanta to get it reversed but the pain wasnt boyfriend has no kids and i would really like to give him his own...he takes very good care of mine. I know that God has the last say so when it comes to things like this but seeing all of u having babies i have soook much faith.


Hi there

Tubes reversal is never a 100 % success. The best option is to visit a fertility clinic where you will be given medication to induce egg release which will be harvested using a laproscope. Having said that, a test tube procedure where sperm for your partner can be used to fertilize harvested eggs and then placed back in your uterus is a possible solution. This requires tons of patience and repeated procedures, not to mention cost involved. Love, light and best wishes for you