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I looked up tsetse syndrome on your website and all I could find is from the tsetse fly. I have tsetse syndrome, not from the fly and I can only find it is inflamation between the ribcage and cartledge. Can you give me more information on this. How does one get it? What is the cure for it? Can it lead to anything else?
Thank you
Noanne St. Jean


These are actually two different things. Tsetse disease is a disease passed by an African fly and your disorder is called Tietze's syndrome and it represents inflammation of the cartilage which connects ends of ribs with the breastbone. The condition is actually harmless and is usually caused by a trauma to the ribcage. The accompanied pain is stronger when coughing, sneezing or moving. Different people feel the pain in different ways. Some may feel it only in the chest area, even at two places while others can feel pain in the arms as well.

There is no cure as the problem resolves on its own after some time. Considering that the pain could be quite annoying, patients are usually advised to take some painkillers until the problem solves. It would be good if you managed to rest. You will certainly avoid pain that way.