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me and a friend had sex one night without a condom and it was my first time. Inside of her vagina was kina dry and not a lot of lubrication. I wasnt really turned on and I had a limp penis. I was very surprised because of how long we had sex and how I never climaxed while i was inside her. After 20 mins to a half an hour, she was still kinda dry and i still had a lip penis. when i pulled out of her vagina, my penis was pretty dry itself and i didnt feel any precum around the tip of my penis. i had to masterbate for a couple minutes and i finally cam. Im a HUGE worrier and im only 18. please tell me there is very little no chance that i got my friend pregnant. Please answer back ASAP. Thanks


Doesn't exactly sound like a night of fireworks, does it? So, here's what you want to hear: there's very little chance she's pregnant. Is it true? Maybe. It only takes one sperm and one egg, and game on. So the only way you'll know for sure, is to wait for her to have a period.

In the meantime, you have a lot of reading to do: contraception, lovemaking, way to a woman's heart, lots to read, so little time.

As a book I read (with very nice pictures, thank you - seem to recall it was called Joys of Sex) put it: if she's not wet already, you rushed it my friend. And if you need a little incentive, as soon as she figures out what she didn't get, she's going to be wondering why. You definitely don't want to be in her diary for that. Lots of learning, lots of sensitivity, lots of fun.

Go to it.