I am scheduled to have both feet done sometime January and am a little nervous! I don't have a high tolerance for pain, but i don't have a fear of pain killers either so i will be taking advantage of them. I would like to know, my dr. says that i will be able to get around due to the bandages/casts on my feet after, i will be weight bearing. I am only concerned that i will be able to at least get out of bed and walk to the bathroom on my own and not have to depend on help for every actual thing i do. My guy will be home the first week with me 24-7 which is probably the most important timeframe then after will be available for anything i need, i am not worried about shopping/laundry or housekeeping at this stage. Also if anyone has any helpful hints of things to prepare for beforehand and what would be a good idea to have handy during the first 3 weeks, i would love to hear your suggestions!

Angelfoot2009....this is the year the feet will finally be looking i hope and feeling better than then have in over 25+ years!