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Helloo! Any suggestions to aide relief of upper back and neck ache? General 'cracking' in neck, back, wrists when moving to try to ease stiffness, hmmm could be related to the cold. Sometimes tingling in shoulder, which started in previous work, sitting at a computer with air conditioning on strong low temp. most days. Very physically active work.

Haven't really got much time I can take off for massage, and not a great deal of money to pay for a private one.

Driving may not be helping, and not poisture perfect, mild relief is found when pushing my back, against seat in car, when straightening up.

This is upper back ache as opposed to lower back, head feels disconnected from back! when it's rolled around.

I'm laughing, it's not intense, just abit annoying. Think some of it is caused by lifting.

Anything easy I can do at home, deep heat or something I can by to relieve stiffness?


Well, my back ache has definitely lessened recently! I think that it may have been as simple as coming down with a bug! since I had a bad throat towards the end of last week, and the headache before that was probably related to a similar bug or not enough looking after the selfness, diet, work, busying myself, not enough relaxation, doing nothing at allness!

It was nice to be able to share though!

...still if anyone does have suggestions, this could help me in the future, regarding muscle stiffness, or others, thank you for listening, happiness!