Over the last 3 years my daughter has had a lot of urine, bladder and kidney infections. Her urology consultant told her a few things to do to help. i think all women this would benifit........ will help yeast infections too

Always empty your bladder before AND after intercause.
Always wear cotton underwear. Full pants better.
Drink lots of water..... If you have an infection dont drink citrus drinks.
Dont use any soapy products around the area. only water. not even unperfumed. (dont put anything in baths)
He recommended not to have baths if you are prone to infections.
When going the toilet always wipe from front to back.
Eat lots of yogurty products to keep up the bacteria levels in your body to fight infection.
Cranberries are good for waterworks. My daughter drinks it, eats them an you can buy supplyments.

Please make a note of these so you will remember.