Dawn Page, 52, conference organizer, from UK, suffered permanent brain damage while on a detox diet. Her nutritionist Barbara Nash has denied any wrongdoing and the High Court ratified the settlement without mention of liability. The Nash's insurance company has paid her out more than £800,000 but in a statement, her lawyers denied any liability.

Her nutritionist advised her to drink large amounts of water and reduce her salt intake. A day after starting the Amazing Hydration Diet, Mrs Page began vomiting uncontrollably. She was said that was a normal part of the detoxification. The next day, she had suffered an epileptic seizure, which damaged her memory, speech and concentration. Doctors diagnosed low salt levels in her body - known as hyponatraemia or water intoxication.

Hyponatraemia occurs when a person drinks too much water, which then lowers the level of salt in the blood. Water then moves from the diluted blood into cells and organs where there is less water and causes the cells in the brain to swell, increasing the pressure inside the skull. The brain gets squeezed, vital regions compressed and possible seizures triggered.

Mrs Page's husband said that Mrs Page's life has been seriously affected, perhaps ruined as she was left with "cognitive deficit" which has forced her to give up work as a conference organizer. She is now on anti-epilepsy medication as well as mood-stabilizing drugs. Learning new things for her is a difficult process now.

Many doctors believe that detox diets are nonsense. They are based on the theory that toxins from "unhealthy" foods and drinks build up in the body and can lead to health problems. Restricted diets and lots of water are meant to purge those toxins and help people feel better. However, Western medicine says that the body has its own system of getting rid of toxins - the liver.

Some, on the other hand, believe that detoxing can be beneficial if done properly. Many people detox once a year or so by limiting their food intake, eating lots of fruit and vegetables and drinking about two liters of water a day. It may feel weak, nervy or tiring at first but with being conscious of what you eat all the time, I detoxing will may give you a headache and nothing else, some practitioners have reported.