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i really want a child and i am newly diagnosed with cml my survival rate is 90% so i will live a long life i am told but the medication that will enable me to live that life is contraindicated for pregnancy and can cause harm to an unborn fetus, i am so confused on what to do, because of my medical condition adoption is not an option unless someone privately chooses me to raise their child. i am crying all the time and my spouse dosent know what to do, any ideas?


Well I'm only 13, but I do know a lot of teen moms would LOVE FOR YOU to take their baby of their hands! Trust me they don't care who it goes to....Also, never give up on a happy a life! I know you are newly diagnosed , but if your survival rate goes down, and they doctors say " umm WE need to talk about your problem" believe in faith. My best friend's sister was born with a defected  heart, she was supposed to die before age 3, SHE IS 20! Every doctor said she would be dead before 4. None of them were right!

Sooo what I would do is go to an abortion clinic...( sad place I know) , but then while people are getting ready to give up their child ask them if they would let you do adoption.. I'm totally not sure! But it is a try! Then make a deal about money and so on. Honestly doing it in secret isn't that bad either!

DONT FORGET !!!! When friends and family have kids to you CAN always be an aunt!

GOOD LUCK!:-D Also , SORRY for all my stupid ideas....I'm only a kid