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SO I am 23 and pregnant. I had a baby about 7 months ago and she died. I dont want another one. I have health reasons to not want one. I am still going through the process of losing my daughter. I just cant have another baby. I have a 4 year old. i just got a job and my fiance said he will leave me if i keep it. but i dont want this child. I have thought about adoption but I cant carry it. I just cant. I dont know what to do. I just want my life back. And yes I know its my fault I am pregnant for a reason and thats lack of protection and I have thought about it. Its my fault. But I still do not want this child. 


Hi Guest,

I'm sorry for your loss.

About this baby though, you're pregnant.  You knew the risks to having unprotected sex and so did your fiancee. 

Put the child up for adoption if you can't raise it. 

Of course you're still grieving over the loss of your daughter and that's OK.  If you read these forums you will find MANY women have deep regrets over abortion.  It would be another loss.  If there is a true medical reason that you can't carry, one that would endanger you or the fetus, then you have no option.

Your fiancee also needs to stand up to his responsibility.  It's part of his commitment to you.  From what I see he wants sex but doesn't want the responsibilities that come with it.  You've taken care of his needs, how about him taking care of yours. 

I'm sorry that I can't tell you that everything will be OK or that after the abortion your life will be back to normal.  That's not likely going to be true.  You'll always wonder about what might have been.

Good luck.





Hi guest, yes you are right, it is your fault. But it is his fault too. Unless you are the virgin Mary you didn't get pregnant by yourself. He needs to man up and accept responsibility for this. So you need to ask yourself, is he the right person to be spending the rest of your life with. Will he support you through thick and thin? You have the right to chose what to do about this. You know what your choices are. If you don't want to keep the baby you have the choice of adoption or abortion. And yes, some women regret their abortion, most grieve, but many women come to be at peace with that choice. Its never an easy decision. But for some women its the right choice. Only you will know what is right for you. I am pro choice but would never tell anyone that it is an easy choice or their only choice. I realise that many people have a moral objection to abortion and respect that. Do what feels right for you and your daughter. No-one can make that decision for you. All the best