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Im 26 years old and have 2 boys. After my second one, 2 years ago, I decided to have my tubes cut, tied, and burnt. At the time i was raising 2 children alone and thought it was a good idea, however i am now in a relationship with an amazing man and we decided we want one or 2 more children. Financially we can afford more children, but can not afford $6000 - $8000 upfront for a reversal surgery. I want another child badly, what are my options on low cost surgery?


Hi Mommy,

Instead of a reversal, check out your options for In-Vitro.  They would harvest an egg, fertilize it, and then reimplant it.  It is not as complicated a procedure as the reversal.

With the reversal there is also the risk of scarring in the tubes and an increased risk of an ectopic pregnancy.

Hope it helps.